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1.)Name - ariel roxanne. hooray.
2.)Age - 15
3.)Location - fayetteville. ew, but kinda duh.
4.)What's your style - eclectic. skirts and/or pants. usually heels or flip flops. i used to have a cool green pen in my purse, but i gave it to my dad, and it apparently helped get bush out of office. the future.
5.)Pictures -

yeah, i looked like that ^ when i was eleven years old.

...ok, stopping. haha.


1.)Musical Artists - the blood brothers, thunderbirds are now!, le shok, modest mouse, we ragazzi, the french kicks, the locust, deerhoof, les savy fav, tracy and the plastics, minus the bear, mcr, soulwax, mewithoutyou, le tigre, sonic youth, the moldy peaches
2.)Books - me talk pretty one day - david sedaris, sex, drugs, and cocoa puffs - chuck klosterman, memoirs of a geisha - arthur golden, please don't kill the freshman - zoe trope
3.)Movies - drugstore cowboys, requiem for a dream, mullholland drive, heathers, virgin suicides, being john malkovich, saved, but i'm a cheerleader


1.)Coke or pepsi? coke. more specifically, diet coke. ... with lime.
2.)If you were a superhero what would your power be? definitely that whole, teleportation thing. there have been so many times where it was all POW i want to be there but that's like a 23 hour drive if i could drive, which i can't.
3.)Whats something cool and unique about you? i like to play drums a lot. i'm obscenely flexible. i do art. good art. i have checkered heels. i can lose things within four square feet, within two minutes. it's amazing. i've missed a month if not slightly more than, of school for the past three years, due to being sick. i've uh, never smoked a cig. in my life.
4.)Why should we let you in? because you really need more members, haha.
5.)Make us laugh. b: once out there i was attacked by a turkey
b: it like jumped up and bitch slapped me with its wing
b: for no reason
b: i dont like turkeys
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